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Storage Policy

Customer must pick up bike(s) within 72 hours of being notified of completion (excluding Monday). If after 72 hours of storage a bike is still on the premises, it will be transported to our warehouse, and a $25 transportation fee will be assessed per bike. Once the bike has overstayed it's welcome by 14 days, additional fees of $5 per day will incur until pickup.

Once a bike is transported to our warehouse, it is the customer's responsibility to contact Outback Bikes and arrange a time to pick up the bike at our warehouse. 

Let us know at bike check-in if you need an extended pickup window and we will do our best to accomodate.

After 60 days of storage in our facilities, possession of the bike(s) will go to Outback Bikes to be sold, donated, or scrapped.

No Charge Tune Up Policy

Outback Bikes is committed to keeping you riding. That is why we cover your bike purchase with our No Charge Tune Ups. These No Charge Tune Ups include: inspection, a wipe down of the frame and fork, adjustments of all components, and lubrication of external components.

To Ensure trouble-free use for the life of the bike, please bring your bike to us 1 time per year minimum for a No Charge Tune Up. We will inspect and tune the bike, if parts are needed the customer will be notified and given options for approval at their expense. If it has been significantly longer than 1 year since your last inspection and tune, your No Charge Tune Up status will become inactive. After we have inspected your bike and returned it to proper working condition at the owner’s expense, we will happily reactivate your No Charge Tune Up status.

We will keep a record of your bike service, tune ups, and inspections; including any recommended maintenance as detected during inspection. If you ever need copies of these records, we will gladly provide them.

This policy only applies to the original owner, and does not cover the cost of parts and associated fees.